zondag 3 mei 2009

10may :Motherday

So... my question to you all? What do you buy for your mom?
Because it's next week and I'm in kind of a dillemma. I have no idea what to buy?! She has everything already. Flowers look kinda stupid cuz they only stay good for a view days.

Something else.
I heard from someone on my work that hoelahoeping is very good! If you do it 10minutes a day you will lose 100 calories. It's good for your bottock muscles and your hips!
I have to test this out! Because that's one of the places of my body I'm not happy about.
If I have time (I could better say: I HAVE to make time) I'll buy me a hoelahoep.
I saw a lot at the "Bart Smit' for only 5€ !

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