woensdag 7 oktober 2009

Update october

First i want to tell you guys, I've lost my ferret Diesel. He had a weak heart and his belly was full with water. It could've been fixed, but it still will come back and still worser and it pushes on his lungs. So the vet made him sleep forever. I hope he will be happy upstairs , but I miss him already! It's weard to enter my home and knowing there's not a ferret anymore who walks in your house:(
R.I.P. Diesel
I've seen something for us, ladies who wants to lose weight with the powerplate!
Good news, they don't look so classic and one-colourish anymore ! Kenzo putted all his inspiration to re-design the powerplate! Maybe it looks a little bit TO powerflowerish but aahh .. deep in us, we still like it, though!

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