maandag 2 november 2009

Shop addicted.

Ok , this is a big problem, but not only mines :) A think.. of alot girls in this world :D
I just had some problems with my photoshop so I will post the photos taken by my camera tomorrow :)
I will show u now the photos of some stuff I bought today aaaanddd... The boots I really wanted! I found them in another store! SO HAPPY!
And i more likely my haircut when I straighted it :)
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haha! My lovely red bow :)

I bought, for only €1 !! roses:) You can put it on whatever you want.. Or if you like scrapbooking ..
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I found this on a new shop in my city ! Everything is really cheap! so why not?!
I also found a computergame for my BF .. called "call of duty''
I know there are like 5 new versions of it, and that this is the first one .. But can you not bying it, if it only costs €2,50 ?!!!! for a godsake computergame??
Well .. I couldn't ;-)
And he was really happy !
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Now it's time to pimp my laptop! hihii
I found this laptop sticker! I reallllyyyyy like it!
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Damnn.. for only €0,99
My mum has the cow-sticker haha! Really funny.

The other things I bought, I will upload tomorrow :-)
I now tired and I'm going to bed now :) or maybe .. first read a bit more in my "breaking dawn", the 4th part of twilight in english :D

NB: I couldn't resist to post this photo too :)
My bf visited me an hour ago . Result:
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Didn't mean to ;-)

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