vrijdag 11 december 2009

Selfmade game

Oke, the latest time I was so busy with making my own "nature game". I had to make it for a docent for school. Use as much as you can natural material and a game which is bases on the nature.

I have to say .. it was definitley NOT easy !! Even the painting on my board! If I wanted to paint another layer, the previous one just disappeared! Tjeesz, I came crazy.
Don't even talk about making my pawns and my die. I made this from clay.
My idea came from this came: in German it calls: Nimmersatt.


And this is my game ...
Here are some details of the game, and my pawns and die ..

I had to present my game to the teacher. But yesterdaynight I had an accident. I broke one of my pawns. But she wasn't mad at all, she even understand :)She very liked the game, and how exact I draw the pictures and stuff. We will not know our points, which is dissapointed :(

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