dinsdag 26 januari 2010

Aloha ..

Hi :)

Yesterday I started with school again. I asked a docent for giving us a little bit information about our results which we will know on the 1st of february .. But nobody's allowed to say ANYTHING :( I have no idea at all how my results will be.. It's a whole new structure and treatment for exams and ....

Today we had to discuss about a demo we saw and in the afternoon we had to visit our school where we have our "training period"? To observe the children. They where soooo cute :) I wasn't there for a minute and e little girl asked me to sit next to her in the group! ^^

But the period before (because that school started on 1.20pm and we where free from +- 10am, it was stupid for going home so me and a classmate went to the city. In the station we drunk a hot chocolatmilk and gues what? indead.. I wore my white jacket.. ^^ They guy who worked there laughed with me and tried to help me to put my jacket under the steamer but it didn't helped ..
I had to camouflage it the whole 'city trip ' we made .. AAARGH!!
In the mean time I found a crazy legging with fringes for €5 which was normally €20.
Also nailpolish of the hema, but I putted it on when home and I'm quied dissapointed.
Also a little gift for my bf , but I won't post it because I know he reads my blog, hehe.

Otherwise .. It' SOOO FREAKIN' COLD outside?!!!!!!

I bought this for €7,99 ! It's pink. It was also in black or white, but because this was my fav colour and it fits in my room ;-) Also new ipod-ears:) which you can switch to pink, blue or grey..
I think I know which colour I will use haha.

This is stuff I'll use for school. For the children where I have to give lessons :)
The exactly name I've forgotten in english (guess it's: small child class?)
On the first picture you so see lots of pearls for making necklaces and a puzzle of 50pieces and a box with 4 puzzles, 24pieces each :)
second photo: a book to read about Tip the mouse, a book with lots of ideas to make cool stuff and 2 pin mozaiks.

the dvd of saw 3 :) for €3,35

This is the nailpolish I bought .. I'm trying it on right now :)

I fell in love with this little shoulderbag :) For going out it's IDEAL ! and I wear it for school too :)

This is the legging I bought for €5! I will post a photo where I'm wearing him because now, it looks a bit weird, huh?! :)

My new necklace for €3
It's a butterfly, and in spanish it is: mariposa ... you see the link? well, my blog's name is mariposa :D

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