woensdag 27 januari 2010


This afternoon I had no school. Me and mum went shopping in Ostend. Because My shoppingday in Antwerp was a desaster...
It was like my lucky day. I started with Vero Moda.. I found a skirt for €5! and normally it was €19.95 and also a skirt/blouse I really like to wear ! Also €5.
Then I found something in the h&m where I was actually shocked that this was soooo cheap!
A beautiful dress which was normally €32 and I bought it for €5!! and lovely shoes for €3.
My mum and I ate a panini: crusty boulette from the panos and I have to say .. it was delicious.Normally I don't eat such things.
Nafnaf was also on the list ! The whole store was - 60% !! really on everything.
I found sooooo much stuff that it was so hard to chose..
I will show you now the pictures! :D I loved a dress from nafnaf too but I will try it again, tomorrow afternoon. Because on the upperside it's a little bit to wide. And they wanna try to fix it.

left: Vero Moda
Middle: Vero Moda €11
Right: Vero Moda €5

Left: Nafnaf normal price: €45 and I bought it for -60%
Right: Pimkie €11?

Left: Vero Moda €5
Right:shoes of H&M €3 !!

White/black dress: Nafnaf normal price:€59 with - 60% !

Black dress: H&M normal price: €34,95 and I got it for €5 !!

Hmm it looks like I'm a little bit addicted to vero moda?

Tigerish dress! I love it.. But I only dare to wear it in the summer.
ehmm.. from Nafnaf :D


I also gave this to my friend. In english it means: I like you. I wanted : I love you, but that was not available :) I just gave it to him and he liked it :D

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