zaterdag 30 januari 2010

Cute things.

I found these lovely necklaces on etsy. I fell in love with!



Thursday I also shopped new shoes. Actually.. I got them as a gift from my bf :) They were in blue or brown, so I chose the brown one :) I like the diamond-ish accent on the top of it.
I also bought a new dress which was normally €49 and I bought it for €19,40 !! Photo will follow later.. I just got the add 2 stitches an each side, because on the top of it, it's a bit too wide :)
Shoes are from Paris Londres.


I also found a site where you can order a necklace with the text you want! So you can make it with your own name or a word/name you'll give to someone else as a present !
I'm thinking of which I will make..
first choise: my own name: Nicky
second choise: "Brunette"
That's something I really want.. but I will wait a bit longer till I really know my decision :)
Yesterday my bf and I went to the movie. We watched the belgium movie: Dossier K. which was very good for the belgium movie-market :D! Also the movie "Loft" won an award for best Belgium movie.
It's quied difficult to understand, and then a moment you think, everything is solved up but actually it isn't at all :p
Tonight, were going out to the club: "the oh!"
They had to move their club because they neighbours were irritated by the "noise" o.0
So now the club is way closer to my house than before :)
!! YAY !!
What are you guys up too?

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Megan zei

those nails are pretty :)
I especially like the 3rd ones


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