zaterdag 16 januari 2010

Little me

Haha .. This was me,when I was little.
I was a kid that always smiled :)

1: Me(left) and on the right, Rebecca. My little sister! She was also so cute and we had alot of fun.
2:That was me with the dog of the neighbours. We also had a labrador, but he died a year ago. The thing that really annoys me, is that I was always so brown when I was little. And now, It takes very long before I have -even a little bit- a colour in my face! :(
3: When I was a kid, I played alot with that buggy :) My curls where cute then, but now I totally hate them and I destroy them with my straightener. GHEHE !!
4: My photo of previous year. I did a specialisation year: beauty care.

I know a big difference between now and then.. When I was young I was always social to everybody. If I had to ask something to a stranger, I was always the first! And now?! I'm quied shy. When I have to ask something I always try to ask my bf or someone else to help me :p
Bad huh?! Can't help it myself.
Difference 2: My hair, I just told you. The curls I have, I hate :) Other kind of curls, I like.
I'm this weekend home alone and the week after too..
The point is.. I'm allowed to study right now, and I don't want to. Singing songs and playing songs by head with my flute is obviously making me nuts!
I also have to present myself as a child-friendly person! WHO THE H*LL do I have to take? any ideas maybe?
I also made plans with me bff for thursday. We're going to Antwerp :D shopping and making fun... It's such a long time I have seen her.

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