zondag 10 januari 2010


Normally I'm not allowed (told to myself) for updating anything! Study on the first place. But it's harder than myself!
I wanted to upload some pic's from NYE. Otherwise it would have been for aaages since those photos. :)
So here they are!
Mum did my hair but it was - actually - terribly and very painful, indeed!
This result was for not yet 2 hours.. and then: bye bye painful-made curls!


I don't have a straightener who can make curls, instead! So I'm very dissapointed. I've payed like €200 for that one.. But he's a really good one, OK.. that's one point!

Tried on some new fake eyelashes

This picture on the party with friends ..

My hair is totally ruined! :( BUT I had a great time, that's the only thing that counts, right?!

I gave myself new rules for 2010.. First of al (after my examinations) to loose some weight again. Tjeezz, it's been going so bad lately! You can see it on the pictures!
I want to loose +- 6kg.


And here is a photoshopped picture of us on that night... My bf really liked it ^^ That's what matters.

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