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Hi! I'll give you an update about kind of gelnails.
It's called " Gelinium" from Professionails. They're specialised in gels for gelnails, nailart, etc.
Gelinium is based for use on "the natural nails". It won't "destroy" you're nails as much as gelnails or acryl.
Lots of people who only wants manicure, prefers this.
You can see it like a "stronger nailpolish" or a nailpolish that won't go off after a couple of days. this will stay longer, and in the best way for 3 weeks!
A - point, it won't give that much stronger feeling like gel or acryl.
If you go back to you beautician, they don't use a vile, but a special product to weak the product off.
To weak the product off, is something special too. If you're client has warm hands, the process won't take so long in stead of people with cold hands (like me for example, ^^ )

Now she used a pink colour with sparkles.

Something you must know if you want to use it yourself:
-You can't use it together with the gels of professionails. so only gelinium with gelinium.
-You need a UV-lamp
-Soak off product (only of professionails


They also have something new on the market, which is : Gellak.
Kind of same style like this, BUT they're gelcolors. That means you can use them together with the normal gels.
the speciality of the Gellaks is that they shine of themselves ! So you don't put a shiny gloss as finish!
If you want to do them again, then you need a vile (difference between Gellak & Gelinium)

You can watch all to colours for each line they created on this website.


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