zondag 28 maart 2010

Gelnails + hotstone


First picture: Gelnails on my own. It's not that special ..
second picture: gelnails of my mum :) Well, the color changes al the time :p in the sunlight it looks like green, the other time blue/grey/black .. haha
And this is the unpacked hotstone set :)
And here I was testing him on someone ;-) (and no, it wasn't my boyfriend)
He enjoyed it and it was very nice...
so, if you like :) I'm available
This was friday after school: me and my best friend in Bruges.
We were at h&m and she said: I've got something cute over here while I had this blouse in my hand. I was thinking the same: this is cute. So we both showed our blouses and guess what? yeah! it was the same. That was so creapy/weird but funny too.


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