zondag 19 juli 2009

Sunday, the 19th

good evening, readers
Friday night, my bff and I went to "the oh!" in Ostend.. The place where we met eachother 2 years ago. I was quied tired from a whole working day but I was glad we went to for removing the stress :)
They also took a picture of us what was realy ugly!
and my piercing doesn't even look like a piercing should look, though!
A had only a fiew hours to sleep and it was already time to wake up, making ready and off to work! I was not that tired, only my legs refused to move ;-) haha.
When I was at work, a customer passed and smelled like toiletcleanser!
Maybe her perfume was empty and she had no money to buy some new one..
My tip for today: No money, no perfume, use you're mom's toiletcleanser called: WC-DUCK !
I was laughing out loud, she looked a bit strange to me.

So I got home, my boyfriend next to me, both watched a movie on tv , now I'm blogging, en tomorrow I have a day off!! :D and that evening we will take a ride to Gent. The "gentse feesten" started since yesterday..
I'm sooo excited!

NB: the girl that works at my work too is a huge twilight-fan too! And she gave me 3 posters of it! How nice of her !

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